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We are very happy to announce that Tania is officially a comedian at Hollywood Laugh Factory. Please follow her link to keep up on Show Dates and her RSS/Twitter Feed Live!!!

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Seasoned in Sketch Comedy, subscribe to Tania's You Tube Account for her latest sketches, comedy performances, and short movies. Click below to be directed to You Tube Channel and be sure to click on the Subscribe Button.

Watch Tania Estrada in her latest movie "In Mexico No Passport". Filmed in Beautiful Baja Mexico, watch Tania as she is turned away from the Mexican Border for leaving her Passport in the United States. Forced to find a new occupation to make ends meet, she tried to figure out a way back to the United States while she battles her addiction to Tecate.

 Tania Estrada has been filming many exciting projects over the last year that are set for release. Chosen to play Catrina Posada, the original story of the Lady of the Dead in the horror film "Los Muertos" directed by Alfonso Flores and starring alongside Movie Veteran Noel G, she is honored to portray such a notorious and religiously historical figure in Mexican Folklore.

Also set for release, she plays the wife of Reality Tv Star and Actor turned Movie Producer Lou Pizarro in "The Psychic'. You can follow all the other projects she becomes part of and when they are released on her IMDB